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I'll be

And here I thought Apollo was one of the more laid back gods. You would think he would've been too busy either playing his lyre or hanging around Troy to cause global warming on an entirely new level the likes of which we have never seen. Apparently he isn't too busy.

"Man, [bleep] you, Apollo!"

lmao, good one. 5/5 and 10/10

blank0000 responds:

My guess is he got tired and did it for the lolz. Much like myself :D Thanks for the review, it's good to hear it from someone who knows their mythology.


Jen doesn't break iPods, it's the gay faggots known as the Jonas Brothers. iPods can't handle that kind of shitty new pop crap. So, to compensate, they self-destruct. lmao. Take that Jonas Brothers. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Very funny, just add some sound. I'm sure Rina-Chan would be more than willing to provide the female voice while you did the guy.

idontplanonbeinggood responds:

whos rina-chan? the only reason i didnt put in audio was because i was missing a female voice actor. PM me about this please! :D

Wow, how many times have I seen this?

Wow, this is so damn true, and so fucking hilarious. There really is nothing else that can be said about how funny this is. Your summed up an age-old immortal Parker-Brothers game in 3 minutes. So true, so, so, so, very true indeed.

"Man love?"

lmfao, lolwut?

Funny as hell

I remember when my brother had discovered this glitch in Pokemon Blue and when he caught it, he had to start all over again. LMAO!!! That's why if you see a mass of pure static, you run like hell. I hope Brendan has learned his lesson. lmao


I just saw the actual flash, and it's still funny. Kick ass job making it like an actual theatrical trailer. That was genius if you ask me.

Phobotech responds:

Thanks very much! Took me about two hours to make the trailer, and four months to make Origins.

Go figure...lol

About time

How long has this been in the works? Y'all are gonna continue with this, right? Just because the thread is locked, doesn't mean we got ourselves a new series. This was just awesome. It's more awesome than it is funny, but it's still funny.

5/5 & 10/10, I hope to see this continue. lmao

Phobotech responds:

Recall back to "The Beast Awakens" thread...in the twenty-something page, where I posted a pic of the preloader...Around then was when I started work on it.

Yeah, there will be a sequel, just not immediately.

Thanks for the review!


Seriously, all that build-up, suspense, anticipation, excitement, etc. and for what? NOTHING! Nothing more than a trailer. I thought this would've been all hand drawn and not pics of a French country side with one badly drawn building in it that represents NG. 4/5 for the flash work, and 3/10 for extremely misleading. tsk tsk tsk tsk.


And I thought Ed only got pissed at people making height jokes and what not. Apparently I was wrong. I really think you should have mad Ed turn Al into something like a mailbox, street lamp, a bike, a trophy, ladder, chicken wire, sheet metal, etc. that would've been even funnier. But we really didn't get to see Ed's full facial expression, those are the really priceless bits of FMA if you ask me. Oh well, still fucking funny as hell. Great job!

LovelyKouga responds:

You know...that's a really funny idea! XD Don't forget it is for my friends amusement, not the people on Newgrounds, but...I still have time until I actually show this to my freind. I thought the 'I WANT TO LIVE' was a good note to end the flash on, so where do you think I could put the turning Al into something? Maybe just a still image on the credits, and have Hana beat me up? LOL!
Thanks for the 10, you're awesome. <3


Overall, this is just silly. But it is among some of the decent flashes that passed yesterday. 85% of what passed, really should have been blammed in my opinion. But, eh, what's done is done. It is what it is.

SantaSeven responds:

I agree, it's not the best, but it took effort unlike some of the shiz that got through. We blew things up, and that's all that matters.

Wow, I didn't think Tom was that much of a wuss

But I guess if you're face to face with a cattle prod and a 9 mil, you really don't have much room to negotiate either. However, at least 75% of the clocks are edible, so, why didn't Tom grab the blender and some ice cream and 2% milk and proceed to make a raspberry, pineapple, orange, and strawberry shake out of them? That would've been funnier. Or at the very least an alternate ending.

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