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ROFL! Ok, ok,

I give you points for effort. But *stifles laughter*

BWHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is some seriously funny shit right there!! I wasn't even paying attention to the content, I was too busy laughing at how it was said! ROFLMFAO!!!!

Thank you

This is a much needed PSA in my opinion. There have been way too many drunk driving accidents that have one or more deaths and they have been taken out of this world way before their time. The drunk drivers don't even end up in the hospital because the alcohol makes them completely relaxed and untense. The other drivers, however, tense up and end up dying as a result.

Again, thank you.

AmericanMech responds:

Well, at least someone sees what I'm trying to get at, unlike axel-wolf who clearly does not get the point of the whole movie.

I got a better idea

How about you do one with that annoying yellow sidekick of his and Wing Zero? Seriously think about it, double barrel beam cannon against that lazy yellow dino. That will also be extremely satisfying.

Excellent rendering all around. I couldn't do this even if my life depended on it or if I knew how to do it. This is pure epic win in every sense of the phrase. I really hope you do more of these.

You really need to do one with Wing Zero in it in my opinion. That nwould be so friggin' awesome!

And I won't do crack...

"But I'm not above doin' pot, man!"

Well, I suppose that since Marijuana has been around since 950 B.C. it really isn't that hard to imagine a few potheads back in the 4th-15th centuries.

Also, good idea putting in the Simpsons Yes man. Ugh, Yesmen are so damn useless! You can't get anything out of them! Sure it's nice having someone constantly inflate your ego, but still.

Anyway, hilarious flash. Who knew that Catholicism started sexually abusing little boys back then? lmao!

That "crab" went through all that?!

And still lives?!

Anyway, I don't know about y'all but I seriously think the Pink Panther theme would've been fitting. Not throughout but at least somewhere in there. Perhaps when the "crab" came along? Anyway, quite a comical little flash you have here. Can't wait to see more.

CoolDrMoney responds:

its evolved to have very durable skin after being exposed to numerous hazardous unfortunate obstacles daily. And I spose Pink Panther would work but I wanted to use original songs from the audio portal as I feel its a great feature on this site and is very often neglected.

glad you liked the flash though


It's just so insane it's hilarious! Sure I nay think it's a bit stupid, but it's the funny stupid. What I mean is, it's so stupid it's funny!

Though I could've done without Marik scatting like that. It was really creepy.

"Shut up! I'm Lady Gaga!" That was rather comical.

No, please fix this.

The idea and concept are great, the art and animation are too. However, please put it in English or at the very least provide subtitles. Otherwise, the likelihood of this passing, is nil and next to none.

Pretty cool

However, I thought the ending was really anti-climactic. I was hoping that the fight between Pico and Piconjo would be really much more than Pico just blowing his head off and Piconjo landing in Jail. Oh well, easy come, easy go I suppose. Very nice submission.


Old Time Disney, FTW!!!! To be honest, I really wasn't sure how well Pico and old time cartoons would mix, but you pulled it off quite eloquently to say the say. Very well done.


*takes out a rocket launcher....BOOM!*

Epic overkill is epic! I would've just used a big magnet or something. But, knowing Pico, I guess a rocket launcher works just as well. ROFL!

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