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Bout damn time

Man, your stuff is just downright hilarious. This may not have been as long as Mario's Castle Calamity, but it's still just as insanely funny. I really loved bits 5, 6, 7, 8, & 9. Those were just awesome. You should try and make some money off of these, you'd be rich.

La musica es bueno

Leeamos en el ingles, por favor. Most of us NewGrounders leen en ingles, senor o senorita.


If you're going to respond to this review, please do so in English.


Damn, considering this was all stick figures and shredding put to an awesome Jimi Hendrix song, the graphics are the least of the problems. Very well done, and for once, there is someone who uses the entirety of an extremely kick ass song. I look forward to more submissions of this type, only, maybe use sprites, hand-drawn characters of rock stars or something.

Still, awesome nonetheless.

This is what I remember

This is the stuff that made NG so damn popular.

Five words:

Guns, guts, blood, gore, and violence. That's why this site is so damn awesome. Very well done. I just have nothing else to say about how awesome this is.


If it weren't for all the friggin' Disney characters in the game, I might buy it because it does look like a very interesting RPG. I just think Disney needs to stay the fuck out of RPGs and just stay the hell away from games.

If you did draw some of the pics, then major props man, good job.


20 Viagra pills. roflmfao, genius. I thought you would've gone through with an actual cookie recepie or something, not a cock joke for something so innocent. Nice one man, this could be like the cookie version of a Rick Roll. lmao

sixstringlove responds:

Haha :p thx

Glad you like it!


Though, the timing was just bot choppy(it may have been from me using too much bandwith for my own good) and the voices needed to be louder.

Still, excellent job.

Well what's the point....

If there's no "THE CAKE IS A LIE!" joke at the end? Overall, nice little something, something for when you are bored. Mediocre at best. No offense.


Did you draw Midna and Zant yourself?! If so, major props for that dude, you should think about getting flash advertising deals or something. You could make a shitload of money.

Teh r4p0r5 str13k again

Wow, what a cleverly hidden rape joke.

"Help I'm being violated." lmao

It would've been even funnier if the guy had said, "Shut up bitch, this is what you were made for, now cook it!"

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