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Normally I'm not a big fan of video on NG, but if it turns out this good, I'll make exceptions. I've never really played any RE games but I think I got the gist of the whole thing. That and it was just silly all around. Your roommate is total wuss. lmao Anyway, nice flavideo. That's a new word for the combining of Flash and Video.

Fro responds:

Lol my roommate is a total wuss. XD

Thanks for the review man!

Running gags

Who doesn't enjoy an extremely hilarious running gag every now and again, am I right? That was just awesome dude. Glad to have met you in the NGPD. Though I haven't seen you around the EGB though.

Anyway, all in all, this was pure genius. No more, no less.

ThePigeonMaster responds:

Heheh. I'm glad that you liked it :)


Yahoo, I iz edjumacted.

Thank you 4 edjumactin' us on them thar sod hoos-its-what's-its. Thank yu evr so kindle.

Translation: Thank you for educating us on the sod houses. Thank you ever so kindly.

Review: Very nice southern drawl, and accent. Nice animation, color, and background. Nicely done all around.


Very smooth animation, the explosions were a very nice touch. The fact that Link didn't fit in with the castles and the surrounding area was rather comical but so much that I would bust out laughing. All in all, a very nicely done flash. I just saw the first one and it's quite funny.

I don't know why, but cynicism and sprites just somehow seem to work extremely well with each other.

Fro responds:

Nice thanks for the review!

How true

Literally, ain't that the truth? We're fucking up our home whether we want to acknowledge it or not. Not only that, people think that there is "debate" about whether or not something can be done to stop global warming. Also, GM shot themselves in the foot by selling gas guzzlers for years and not doing the ecologically and economically right thing and make hybrids. You would think that in this day and age, with our technology, all the cars on the road would be getting at least 28-36+ MPG in the city. But, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, the people are too dumb to realize this, thus they want gas guzzlers and what does GM do as the end result? They shoot themselves in the fucking foot.

All in all, this is really a wake up call for future generations. At least I would like to think it is. Very nicely done.

As if

Please, we all know that Vegeta, no matter how hard he trained or how hard he tries he will never beat Goku. That is just a well known fact. Still, nicely done, but it would've been better with SFX and some backgrounds.

I thought so

Good God Johnny, you're evil. I really mean that. lmao, wow, You have got some seriously hilariously sick, twisted sense of humor. I really do enjoy that kind of humor, it's what makes cynicism awesome! BTW, where's the other TANKMEN stories?


Would you really do all that in real life just for kicks?

JohnnyUtah responds:

I've considered it


You just summed up how every single American felt when the gas prices were like $3.78 and higher. All pissed off and shit, it was insane how bad the gas companies were gaining profit. Like that one year they made like 6 billion in profit, there was something drastically wrong with that.

Made me laugh a few times, nicely done.


Though you really should've used the "THIS IS PASTA!!!" joke in your Sparta skit. That line never gets old if you ask me.

This takes me back

Back to when I was listening to Eiffel 65, and now that I am hearing them again after like 8-10 years, I guess they're still alright, they got a nice sound. Wow, you know you never really know where nostalgia will take you these days. I guess I'm still a nostalgic kind of person. Nice all around, save for a few skips where the animation didn't quite keep up with the music.

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