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Good, however

You're gonna want to submit these sketches to the Art Portal now that we have it.


It's the wrong portal, but I gave you a 3/10 for the sketches.

UnderARock responds:

Thought about it, didnt feel like going through the hassle with all these again though.

Well that clears that up

I often wondered about the stick men in the CAUTION signs, about if they actually got home and told their family about their day. The end of Act I is the result. It was also really funny. You have got one awesome sense of humor Nick. Keep 'em coming.

NickJS responds:

I think everyone wonders about those CAUTION sign guys at some point; they always seem to find themselves in the worst situations. There's a caution sign in my garage that features red-hot water bursting out of the water heater and just devastating this poor guy. That was my inspiration.

That would so suck.

Getting only 4 Gil and 11 EXP points for those hard-hitting fiends?! What a freaking rip-off that would be. Talk about sucking beyond all that has sucked in any RPG. Great animation Matt. Hilarious.

Even better.

It just gets funnier and funnier. Poor Red Mage, it's either him or Thief who end being the butt of almost every joke. Most of the time It's Red Mage, but he just gets mugged and set on fire. That is an instant classic. There really is nothing left to say.

Of course

Why, it's an all out idiot-fest!! The funniest competition to see who truly is the biggest idiot in FFIX. Hilarious. I've see the others, about to watch 5 now.

I thought as much

When Bowser was holding the kids hostage, the music that was playing was from "Super Mario Sunshine." It's the music in the first episode of Sirena Beach. When you're facing off against that annoying manta ray who spreads all the electric graffiti. Nice choice if I do say so myself. Hilarity ensued from beginning to end.

Bomber109 responds:


And yes, that is the exact audio track I used.

Man, that was great

You try to tell us what NOT to do, then you go and do it yourself. Ya damn hypocrite. lmao. If all else fails, just go with hentai or random flopping penises. roflmao

Intentionally bad = hilarous win if you ask me. Good job.

Let's see if I can get 'em right

Boss quotes used (in order of appearance):

Corneria -- Mission Complete
Sector Y

General battle quotes:

Bill -- Katina
Falco -- Aquos, Corneria, Zoness
Fox -- Venom,
Peppy -- Sector Y, MacBeth
Slippy -- Asteroid field,
Katt -- Zoness, Sector X
Wolf -- first encounter
Leon -- first encounter
Andrew -- first encounter
Pigma -- first encounter

PuffballsUnited responds:

Hehe, I guess you're right. I don't even know anymore...

I knew it

See as far as I'm concerned, Rhubarb is nothing more than poisonous celery. Mush like how cauliflower is just broccoli covered in fallout. DEATH TO RHUBARB!!!

Mousiex2k8 responds:

haha friend i could not agree more :)

Aw, weak

I was hoping this would've been a knock off of Raffi's "Banana Phone." That would've been so fucking hilarious, maybe you could try and do something like that?

mikerotch5 responds:

I had a feeling that people would get that impression, I also find that piece hilarious

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