Ignorance may be bliss, but stupidity is forever. -- Trevor, 09.

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While gasping, I manage to ask her, "Hey Alexi, could you give me a tit-fucking, please?" I see her eyes slim down and her cheeks flush, I can tell she likes the idea.

"As hot as the idea sounds, wouldn't you like to feel me all over, stud?" She asks extremely seductively while holding her tits in that extremely sexy bra. "I'm soaking wet and just aching for you to finger my hot, wet, sexy, pink, quavering pussy. I also want you to lick me deep."

"Hey, you're right. How could I have missed that?" I ask flatly.

Giggling Alexis says "You were just caught up in the heat of the moment, that's all. Can't say I blame ya either."

"Cool, cool. Well, let me calm down a bit, my heart feels like it's gonna jump right out of my chest if I don't catch my breath. Would you mind giving me a back rub Alexi?" I ask her sweetly.

"Sure thing hon." Then she gets up on the bed behind me and starts rubbing my back and messaging my shoulders.

"Oh Alexis, your touch is so gentle and your skin is softer than anything I have ever felt in my life. If I'm not careful, I could fall asleep in your soft embrace." I say to her while laughing.

"Oh, where would the fun be in that?" Quipped Alexis. The bed bounced as she drew nearer and then I could feel her sexy tits on my back. I could feel my libido regaining strength.

"Man, she is just one sexy little minx. Just the kind I like." I thought to myself. "Wow, your tits feel absolutely amazing on my back Alexi. Would it be out of the realm of possibility to get a tit message on my legs, please?" I ask in a pleading tone. "Speaking of which, how big are they? I'm only asking because I know that big tits can have massive repercussions on a woman's back. Also, it's a sexy question, so I figure I'm safe to ask it in this situation." I added.

"Oh, you want to know how big my tits are, eh, Dragon?" Tempted Alexis.

"Yes, I'm attracted to tits. Some people find that the ass or the pussy is the most erotic part of the female anatomy, but me, I get turned on by tits." I explain to her.

"Sounds logical." Replies Alexis.

"Also, at least I'm not thinking about getting in your pants all the time." I add while snickering.

"Oh, is that how you want to play, babe?" She says coyly

The next thing I know, I'm being tickled. "I am so damn happy that this is working out." I think to myself. "Hahahaha, I give, I give, I give!" I scream with happiness.

"Now that we got that out of the way, what say we get back the situation at hand?" Alexis asks while holding her tits.

"Right, good idea, I really needed something to get me calmed down and worked back up again." I reply. "Now, then would you be so kind as to lie back on the bed and let me work my magic?" I ask her.

"Ooh, not a problem, my love." She says as she complies with my request.

I stand up and peruse her heavenly figure and within minutes, my cock was harder than I have ever been before in my life. Alexis, seeing my raging hard-on, began turning brick red in the face.

"God, you are just so incredibly sexy, you know that, right Alexis?" I ask her, still giving her a once-over with my eyes. "I can tell you're incredibly turned on right now, ain't ya?" I ask winking.

"Yes I am babe." Alexis says.

"I gotta tell ya, every time I see your face, I just go completely numb and can't help but stare at your immense heavenly beauty. That, and my heart always feels as though it's about to jump right out of my chest whenever I see your beautiful face." I tell her.

I see her eyes getting glazed over with emotion again and she says "Oh Trevor, I just love it when you get all romantic with me. It's just so thoughtful and kind. Take me Trevor."

"With pleasure Alexi." I say eagerly.

I get on the bed and start feeling her soft and supple tits while kissing her like there is no tomorrow. While feeling her massive tits, I slowly move my left hand down her slender frame and feel her curves.

"Ah, that feels so good, Dragon. Feel me more." Moaned Alexis.

"With great pleasure." I said as I move my hand down to her dripping wet womanhood. All the while she is moaning and making me harder by the second. "Want me to finger you, continue to feel your soft, sexy, bod, or shall we get to best part?" I ask as sexily as possible. "Whoop, nearly forgot. I was gonna go down on you."

"Oh yea, I want you to lick me long, hard, and deep." Alexis panted as she laid down on her bed and spread her heavenly legs which beckoned me forth to her dripping slit which is gleaming with her love juices.


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