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Of course, it all makes sense now!

So, SBC REALLY DOES EXIST!!! I KNEW IT! Damn man, you really are funny. Your material is awesome, you've got a kick ass sense of humor and yes sadly, no one uses their brain on Clock Day. As I have proven 2 times. Just look at my two Clock Day flashes, this proves that everyone on NG acts like drones in a beehive and SBC is the queen bee. WE MUST OBEY THE QUEEN!!! *insert zombie moaning noises here*

Samination responds:

I think I will make a real Clock Day movie next year. I already have the idea! :D


There really is nothing more that need be said about how hilarious this is. Except for the bomb-omb scene, the scene where Bowser gets Thwomped and both Mario and Luigi get Thwomped jumping the bottomless pit. Those were funny as hell. Also, what is it with everyone using the Rico Harbor music as of late?


How the hell did I know it was gonna be the Verizon moron on the other end? HOW DID I KNOW THAT?! Also, since when does Vegeta use a cell phone? All the Z Fighters can communicate telepathically. All in all, very well done. lmao


It's a shame you couldn't have had this up for Pico Day this year. It may be short, but it is very well done, and the animation is smooth, and awesome. Could you do a back story on the convict? Like what he did to get in prison?


Nice use of the FRINGE theme. That almost always sounds like it belongs in a Harry Potter movie if you ask me. But all in all, very well done, I can't wait for the actual submission.

mbofarull responds:

Thanks a lot, but I doo have problems with that! (the book itself has external XML, since its a huge e-book)

Kick ass

Very well animated. The artistry of the Pokemon, and wow, I am just blown away.

Though the ending was funny as hell. But Pikachu shouldn't kill himself. I mean, you got would looks like it could be an extremely popular series if you were to continue. Come on man, just let Ash use a PARALYZ HEAL on Pikachu and he'll be fine.

Also, Pikachu won his battle with Onyx when the gym caught fire and the sprinkler system activated, thus soaking Onyx and making him a gigantic lightning rod. You gotta save Pikachu. PLEASE?

Nice, but

This is not really suited for EVERYONE. The language is EXCESSIVE! Making it ADULT. Think man. There are little kids on here. and by little I mean, 13 year olds. And maybe younger?

Anyway, the ending was awesome. The 360 still got a RROD. This is really good. I had a YLOD on my old PS3, my dad and I tried to fix it(it was 3 years old), but it still didn't work. So, my parents got me a brand new PS3 at the cost of several awesome PS2 games. Ah well, still a fucking hilarious flash. Very well done. Maybe add some captions or something so we can understand the systems a bit better.

TheQookieMonster responds:

It's mature now.


You know as well as I do, that, that sprite you call Alexis looks nothing like her at all. Honestly, you could've at least tried to make a sprite of Alexis. The flash is great, but it is in desperate need of sound and the text has some grammatical errors as well.

I'm giving this a 3/5 and a 5/10 because you're Alexis and the actual charter are nothing alike. Alexis does not wear glasses nor does she have a hair bow or bright blonde hair. You insult her.

mikaze responds:

SintCobra1, hope you recieve this, Im sorry to say that Im just an artist and was asked by a friend to draw this alexis... really, I may have a slight idea of what she looks like but, im not reall a fan of yugioh, and some GRAMMATICAL ERRORS should not be blame on me... hehehe... Im not the one who wrote the script honestly...
Im the flash animator, but all contents are given to me by ChronosCrowler, a friend of mine, although i DREW alexis... but according to his instructions, he said it was ok, i dont know, so... Im really sorry...

thanks also if you think the flash is great... but sounds... my friend will be providing that, in his future release of this project.

Well if that ain't the bees knees

It's proof of the real McCoy. I knew there was something the 20s were missing. And you have found it! Very well done Johnny. But I have to ask, where's the flappers?

Kick Ass!

Great song choice. Using Guns N' Roses "Welcome To The Jungle" very kick ass. Hope to see more of these in the future, they're quite excellent.

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