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While the art and animation are great, it's just a looping running animation. This would be better suited to put on your Dumping Grounds.

LeonDaydreamer responds:

I'll take the compliment. :)

Was good up until you had the comment asking for likes in the video. Newgrounds isn't a place to be asking for likes in your submissions. That may be fine for videos going up on YouTube, but not here. Flash submissions are judged based solely on the community. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets blammed.

storytellerYT responds:

Relax man, this is the same file that I used on my YouTube channel.
I didn't think there was a need to edit it, idk why you focus on such irrelevant things, newgrounds doesn't even have a like system, it goes by ratings.

I just love this series! It's friggin' great!

Just reading Chrono's ranting is what makes it all worth it! I swear you made him really stupid and the dialogue clearly shows it. Such awesome writing and reactions. Hilarious from beginning to end! "Chrono's Rampant Hyperbole" FTW!! Yea, if I were Chrono, I would definitely want someone to shoot my brains clear out of my head if I started smack-talking in rhyme!

Hilarious, absolutely hilarious and excellent top notch writing. Can't wait for episode 22.

Clovis15 responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed the episode, and we will try to have episode 22 out this year.

I got to be honest

Choosing AC/DC for the music, and the drawing, I went and 5d it. I'm a big sucker for AC/DC. That's one of my all time favorite bands! The one-two punch of Angus and Malcolm is just fuckin' awesome! Also, I'm thinking that one employee was just getting tired of working at his job so he decided to just let his last day be one he wouldn't soon forget? lmao

MyKindOfFlash responds:

I went through every rock song I owned and none of them worked as well as Thunderstruck, man.

Thanks for the review!


Benny Hill and MPFC, FTW!!!

I knew that if there is a 4-way paradoxical staircase from hell in a sprite flash, Benny Hill is bound to ensue. I couldn't help but literally lmao at that entire scene!! Clovis, you are a GENIUS! That was insanely hilarious!!! It's just so funny, I can't even think about it without giggling!

Clovis15 responds:

Thank you, very much, good sir; your words are very inspiring.

Thank you

This is a much needed PSA in my opinion. There have been way too many drunk driving accidents that have one or more deaths and they have been taken out of this world way before their time. The drunk drivers don't even end up in the hospital because the alcohol makes them completely relaxed and untense. The other drivers, however, tense up and end up dying as a result.

Again, thank you.

AmericanMech responds:

Well, at least someone sees what I'm trying to get at, unlike axel-wolf who clearly does not get the point of the whole movie.

That "crab" went through all that?!

And still lives?!

Anyway, I don't know about y'all but I seriously think the Pink Panther theme would've been fitting. Not throughout but at least somewhere in there. Perhaps when the "crab" came along? Anyway, quite a comical little flash you have here. Can't wait to see more.

CoolDrMoney responds:

its evolved to have very durable skin after being exposed to numerous hazardous unfortunate obstacles daily. And I spose Pink Panther would work but I wanted to use original songs from the audio portal as I feel its a great feature on this site and is very often neglected.

glad you liked the flash though


It's about time someone did a Pico flash anime style! I absolutely love it! So far it's the best one I have seen. The animation was smooth and extremely well done. There really is nothing negative I can say about this submission.

NEXTVIEW-Designs responds:

Thanks FBF is a pain, but looks like it paid off :)

I knew it

How could this happen to me?! lmao, Emo Madness, that's just fucking epically hilarious. Good call. Also, I never really noticed that the faces on the Madness sprites look a lot like "+" and thus he got pissed at the rest off the operators and decided to off each and everyone. Nice background story.

thekiwi responds:

super glad you liked it

Black Sabbath, FUCK YES!!!

Just fix up the additional audio section and you're good to go.

Black Sabbath "Fairies Wear Boots".

I've seen your other stuff, it's kinda funny, but still enough to get a passing grade from me. Also, if you add in the right kind of music (such as Black Sabbath) that is an assured passing grade from me. All in all, try not having the audio and movie skip around. Like the audio isn't really synced up with the movie.

AwesomenessRob responds:

Will do :P Next time anyways

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