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Interesting game. It's got simple controls, but I would suggest changing the aiming mechanic to work with the mouse instead. Holding a key to raise and lower your weapon is an odd choice to say the least.

OK, I ain't gonna lie, I actually got stuck on level 2. That's pretty damn challenging. 8-bit simplicity at it's best. :)



LMAO! Great use of Y U NO Guy if you ask me. :p As soon as I saw Y U NO Guy, I couldn't help but giggle. One thing though, try making it so we can throw downward, it's very difficult otherwise.

Other than that, nice little game you got here. :)

Nifty little quiz

I got 128 as my score. A couple questions I did have some trouble with, but after I thought about them, they were fairly easy. Though you might want to redo the question where it asks:

"The day before the day before yesterday is three days after Saturday. What is today?" Like you could give us a starting day or something, I'm not sure, but that is one challenging question. The average IQ is 95-100. What would make this even better is if you pulled some questions from an ACTUAL IQ test. Though that might not be considered legal. Oh well. Great game.

5/5 & 10/10. :)

If there's a couple things I don't like

It's that you didn't code in the medals to pop-up when we do what the description of each one says. Not only that, but also adding in medals AFTER it's been out. I find that in poor taste and slightly irritating. If you have the achievements in the game, why not just add the medals while you're submitting it here to NG? If you do you don't have to double back and do more work.

Another thing I didn't particularly care for is adding the medals after the fact so most of the people who have played this are probably having to start new games just to get the medals.

Pretty cool.

I'm not that much of a fan of Solitaire, but what really got me is the music. It really sounds like something you would hear in a Mechwarriror game if you ask me. Especially while you're customizing your Mech. Overall, not a bad little game here. 3/5 and 8/10.

If you listen closely...

You can distinctly tell that it is a Rattata in the "Wild Battle" music. Sadly, I never got to beat Pokemon Gold. :( Anyway, excellent little soundboard you have here. Hope to see more.

OpiumNinja responds:

I definitely will be making more flash, but soundboards will have to wait, I'm going to try other types of flash. Thanks for the support!

Ah, the memories.

Ya see, this is what originally attracted me to NG back 2001. Nothing but anti-terrorist games and flash movies. It was awesome. This is getting back to the true spirit of NG if you ask me.

You're welcome NG

I had a hand in helping with the text in this game. When he first started putting his games here, there were countless grammar and spelling mistakes. I also had a hand in the last one. Now, there are barely any mistakes. Anyway, great and fun game as always Vadim.

Anyway, could you do a Meet'N'Fuck: Duel Academy next, please?

Not too shabby

Though I think there is something you could've done with the springs to make them a bit more resistant to the bouncing. Also, maybe you could've put in some sort of revving noises as well.

I'm not all that sure what else I can say other than that it is quite an addictive little game you have here. I like it.

If I do think of something else, I'll send you a PM.

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