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About time

For once a maze game that doesn't require the mouse! Man, these are much less frustrating to play than the tons of mouse mazes. Thank you. It's good for what it it, but it could use some different background options. Some music or some obstacles.

Anyway, good game for a first maze.

Of course

Oh sure, play "Rule Britannia" in its entirety but not "The Star Spangled Banner" that's just cold man. Unless you're from the UK, and then that must mean that y'all are still feeling sore that America kicked your ass 233 years ago.


Anyway, I had to get that off my chest the games are quite comical and poke fun at the victims of the fashion world. If no one were a victim, then we wouldn't have anyone to laugh at now would we?

Good, however

You could've at least let "The Star Spangled Banner" play in its entirety as opposed to having it cut off "At the twilight's last gleaming" that's sort of mean and insulting seeing as how America just turned 233 years old this past saturday.

Kick ass.

DO A BARREL ROLL! Sorry, it had to be done. Because this game reminds me of the asteroid field in "Starfox 64."


Why do you keep deleting this after it passes and then resubmit it? It makes no sense at all.

Effort, however

This is not chess. This rooks, bishops, knights, and king are in the wrong spots. The rooks are on the four corners of the board, while the knights are right next to them. Then the bishops are after the knights and the King is on color with the queen right next to him. Try again.

Kick ass!!

I got a Zelda game for my birth month. July. That is so awesome. This actually has potential in the retail market. Not only for video game nerds but for people in general. America is a nation of idiots(sad, I know) we'll buy anything we see on TV or impulse buy at the mall.

Food for thought

Law #67: No man shall wear a beret unless it's for his military service.

About that, what about Jamie Hynaman on Mythbusters? He wears a beret regularly and he's a scientist.

Law #91: Every man should smoke at least one premium cigar in his life. Not any swisher sweet crap either. Cohiba, Monte, Cristo, CAO etc.

What about the guys who like their lung/bronchial/throat and the rest of their body tissue the way it is right now?


I agree with ernest646, the TIME LIMIT IS TOO DAMN SMALL TO DESTROY EVERYTHING and the recharges time is too damn long. Also, could you increase the rate at which the meteors can be fired? Along with the rate of fire of everything else?

One more thing, why not let us destroy the entire world since the Earth is supposedly going to be destroyed on 12/21/2012 when all the universes' galaxies are to align and create a massive black hole? It would make sense to let use destroy the entire world, if you ask me.

Overall, fun game.

You know,

If only I thought to use Holy attacks on SS3 Zombie Goku, I wouldn't have gotten my ass owned. I kept thinking, "Surely he would be hurt by healing attacks or something, but I could not use healing attacks on him." So I just decided to hammer him, fat load of good that did. Turns out, if I use holy attacks, he'll die in minutes. >_> Overall, very kickass game.

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