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I swear, you and Nick have an awesome combined sense of humor. Though I really would've appreciated you using the whole bit of End Game as I think it would've increased the overall replay value.

It's on fire, idiot.

Fucking hilarious Fro, you too Nick. Y'all are awesome! Thanks for using my audio. :D

Fro responds:

Ah, yeah.. if we would have used the whole song it would have made the file size go up by like 2 or 3 MBs. I know we have the room, but it just kind of seemed superfluous. I think that someday when this series is done we will put them all together and host it on my website as one big game. That's when I'll use the full version of the song when the file size doesn't matter.

It's been said, butI'll say it again

Most everyone is right, Doug is just too fast, too inebriated from the ale to feel the pain and he drains your stock within minutes. Also, you might want to fix it so McSweeny is quicker to react when you click on Doug as opposed to having to DOUBLE-CLICK on him. Once you upgrade the stock to the full 8 barrels, it's damn near impossible to keep Doug from drinking all but 1 or 3.

Another thing you might want to fix, THE COST OF THE UPGRADES AFTER DAY 2! I got sick of the game after Day 1 as Doug kept making me lose money. I could barely keep 3 barrels full, because of his drunken ass! Maybe you could add in an AI helper to keep Doug in check while you're handling customers? Sure that's where the 2-player option comes in, but seriously, who's gonna play a 2-player flash game? Rarely anyone.

Please fix the Doug issues, and the cost of the upgrades. By the time I got sick of the game, I had like $184 or something, only enough to fill 3 barrels. I agree with everyone else, in that there SHOULD BE A CAP AS TO HOW MUCH DOUG CAN DRINK! Another thing, make McSweeny faster on his feet instead of having him shuffle. One more thing you might want to look at is, DON'T MAKE DOUG RUN IN WHILE YOU'RE SERVING DRINKS OR REFILLING!! It would be easier to keep him in check if he popped in while you're in the store room.

Please take these options into consideration. It's a nice game, but Doug kind of ruins the re-playability for the rest of us. 5/5, 6/10.

Kick ass

Man, that is one really pissed off shark. What is he, JAWS' cousin? lol, anyway, I think you guys should have an open-ended version of this just for the sheer destructive fun of it all. That would be awesome.

As much as I agree with Shank, sadly the max amount of points any game with medals can have is 500, and the limit has already been reached.

It shows promise

But the controls are extremely horrible. The movement is not "hold one button and you move to one edge of the screen." It's "Push this button over and over and over and over to get to your destination." Please re-do the controls then re-submit it.

For the life of me

I just CANNOT REMEMBER THE NAME OF THE OLD GAME FOR WINDOWS 98 THAT IS ALMOST EXACTLY LIKE THIS!!! Gah, why did you have to make my brain hurt? WHY?! Man, overall, great Halloween submission. Would you happen to know what game I'm talking about by any chance?


Man, I was hoping you would've at least used Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" for this game. Really that would've been much more fitting in my honest opinion. But it's fine for what it is.

manu499 responds:

I thought about using the music of Black Sabbath, but I was afraid about the copyright !


You have the music going to fast and it keeps lagging at various points in the game, maybe it's just my computer, but I highly doubt it. >_< Anyway, it's a good game, but try and slow the music down.

eh, fix it

One phrase comes to mind, DON'T REVERSE THE FUCKING CONTROLS!! That is major annoying element in this game. If you didn't have the controls reversed, you'd have a nice little game here. Due to the reversed controls, 1/5 and 3/10. >_<

Hideous responds:

The controls aren't reversed. You're shooting, and the knockback of the gun makes you go in the opposite direction - that's the challenge of it.


Save Town



*weighs the two with metaphorical scales* hmm, Let's obliterate the mall!!

ROFLMAO!!! That was just the funniest part of the entire game. For some reason, I just couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire game. There is something about Dad that is just so damn hilarious. I just can't figure out what that something is. Hilarious, absolutely hilarious game.

5/5 and 10/10

Ain't that the truth?

Yup, again, we all just behave like drones in a beehive on clock day. "OH, IT'S CLOCK DAY!!! I MUST SAVE EVERYTHING IN THE PORTAL!!!" *votes 5 on everything without watching it*

WRONG PEOPLE!!!! Do it right, please? I mean, are we really this dumb? I would like to think we aren't, but sadly, as I have proved the point, we are this dumb. All in all, excellent voting guide Supra. I hope to see you submit something on Madness Day.

SupraAddict responds:

....What are you talking about? :P

Ignorance may be bliss, but stupidity is forever. -- Trevor, 09.

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