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Dude, seriously, GO INTO GRAPHIC DESIGN/DIGITAL ART! You have got TREMENDOUS TALENT! I'd hate to see that kind of potential squandered on something you don't want to do. Trust me, I know talent when I see it or hear it. And you my friend, have got some major ass kicking talent.

TailsPrower responds:

I joined the Army instead.... best idea worst idea ever?!?!?

Friggin' stellar!

Even if this is your first 3D class, you have some really innate talent. I really doubt I could do something of this magnitude if I was in the same kind of class as you. I am just in awe of how well done this is.

Could you do the Master Sword and the Ocarina Of Time next?

Geadaan responds:

Actually Ill have to post it up, I made a video walking through this scene where I did infact make the master sword part of it :D


Although, Bomberman's head is round. Not squarish at all. Oh well, still an awesome piece of art either way. I had Bomberman 64, and I was like 2 or 3 boss battles from beating the game, but I couldn't beat the Sphinx underwater. I died every single time. :P Ah well. Nice drawing skills. The rough sketch look gives it a certain edge that is highly appealing to the eye. Overall, excellent job.

Very well done

The shading is excellent and it is quite well thought out according to the background story you provided. Nicely done, just like the rest of your stuff dude. I like how you did the sun setting and reflecting off of the water and the ripples are pretty cool as well. I'm not sure what else I can say about this. :\


If you ask me, it looks like a seriously upgraded Uller(Kit Fox), yet you did away with the missile launcher above the cockpit. Hmm, why'd you do that? You're gonna need more than just 2 light machine guns. You're gonna need medium lasers, LRMs(Long Range Missiles), and jump jets to survive.


Looks like something from Spawn. That or it looks like some sort of futuristic S.W.A.T. gear. You got some serious talent Tails. This should be in an NGPD flash.

TailsPrower responds:

Mmmhm, futuristic SWAT was what I was going for. I agree, these would fit nicely in an NGPD-featured flash, too bad we never seem to get our projects off the ground >.<


Ed is not that broad shouldered, though you got the bangs, eys, and ponytail right the nose is a bit too big. His mouth is in typical Ed Elric fashion and all except for the shoulders and nose, this is pretty damn good.

I wonder

Was this drawn entirely with charcoal pencil? Because it really does look like it. Overall, nice drawing. You got some real nice talent dude. Keep it up.

A-Wahl responds:

Thanks, man! I actually drew it with a 4B and a 2B pencil (and a rubber eraser). I smudged a whole lot, too.

And I will :)


Don't hurt me. lmao, but seriously, damn dude. You got evil on the left and what seems to be stoic on the right, stoic, more like chaotic neutral. Kinda creepy when you think about it. It's always the quiet ones who end up going postal.

SlashFirestorm responds:

The theme of the flash was going to be Slash turning to the dark side with the Barney Bunch and attacking Newgrounds until he got laid by ramagi and mellowed out. XD

oh boy

I wonder

What exactly you might be saying whilst twirling that what I'm assuming to be an Uzi? Anyway, nice pic. Though you might want to lose the pink background. :\

SlashFirestorm responds:

It makes sense in context.


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