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Stunning, magnificent

You do not suck at all. The shading is exceptional, this is just awesome all around. Though I would suggest you color it in a bit, give it some life. After all, what is art without color or hue?

WinterCold responds:

Well thank you soo much! ^.^

yea perhaps it could use some colour. :/

Very well done

I think that might be Sandrock from Gundam Wing, piloted by Quatra Rababa Whynner. I wish I was that good at drawing my favorite gundams from Gundam Wing.

WinterCold responds:

It's acually suppost to be Nu Gundam from some other gundam show. :P

I'm starting to get a feel about gundam, so I might make some more after I finish watching Gundam 00. ;D

It happens

Poor Dee Snider, Twisted Sister still kicks ass. But sadly, all awesome hard rock, heavy metal, rock, and the rest of the genres have to know when to retire in peace and move on. But hey, if you still have energy to go on tour when you're 40-60 then fucking do it for the fans.

Highway To Hell!!

Rock on man, ROCK ON!! Kinda looks like a remix of the Black Ice album art if you ask me. Still cool nonetheless.

TholomewP responds:

lol i actually made it before black ice


If you ask me, this joke will always be funny. LMAO, Link has demonic teeth. I had no idea he was such an evil little bastard. lmao

\m/ \m/

How much more metal can this get? This just flat out ROCKS!!!

Rock on man, rock on.

\m/ \m/


There really is nothing that can be said about the amount of epic win this pic contains within.


I too would like to see this done as well. Nice tank. Steve's head looks like a toaster. lmao

mexicangoth13 responds:

thanks i will, im still new to flash so it is difficult for me


Wow dude, you must have loads of spare time on your hands to draw stuff like this. You really should try selling some of your anime drawings and see if they become TV shows, that'd make you a lot of moolah.

Foxpwned responds:

wow,thanks! ^_^


Wow, I am stunned by how awesome this is. This is just exceptional. Few words can describe how good this is.

Osuka responds:

Thanks dude :D

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