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Posted by SilentCobra - September 13th, 2009

Picking up where we left off, Hassleberry had dropped in on Alexis and I and she had to go behind a tree to get cleaned up. I had told Hassleberry that it was none of his business as to why Alexis was behind the tree. Then he had noticed the fishing rods and asked if he could join. I told him it was fine by me, but I was really thinking otherwise.

Back to the story.

I went to check the string of fish that I had been catching and it looked to be enough for about 5-6 meals at best. I figured that was enough for a while and packed up my fishing gear and proceeded to take out my pocketknife and dig a small trench through which the river could flow so I could get the fish cleaned and ready for cooking over an open flame. After getting the fish scaled, gutted, and cleaned, I gathered up some twigs, leaves, and other material needed for a fire.

When the fire was going, I could feel just a twinge of tension in the air and it was definitely coming from Alexis. I thought to myself Not good. Man is she high quality. But, I can't lose her at all. I could never forgive myself if I lost her to another guy. Just then Hassleberry asked, "Hey Trevor, what kind of deck do you run?"

Me: "Hmm, oh me? I run a Dragon deck. I consider myself a Dragon duelist. Not to brag or anything, but a pretty damn good one at that."

Hassleberry: "Really? Then maybe you should try your luck against Zane or Atticus. They're two of the strongest here."

Me: "Perhaps later, *I turn to Alexis* could I speak with you in private for a few?"

Alexis: *She looks at me with one eye open and the other closed. She sighs* "I guess."

Crap, I'm pretty sure that she ain't exactly happy with me right now. I need to think of something and quick.

Alright, now Alexis and I are further away from Hassleberry so he can't hear us.

Alexis: "Alright, what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Me: "Well, remember when I made that comment about how I thought it would be interesting to test my strength against Hassleberry in a duel?"

Alexis: "Yea, what about it?"

Me: "Well, you said and I quote 'Ugh, not another one.' did I do something to upset you? If so, I deeply apologize and I would never, ever in an eternity want to do something that would hurt you, I love you Alexis. I don't want to *I start to sniffle* [side note: that doesn't make me any less of a man or anything of the sort, get off me!] lose you Alexis."

Alexis: "Awww, well, if you must know, I was a bit put off by that comment because that's exactly what Jaden is like. He always has his head in the game and fixing up his deck. He never pays attention to others around him. Take me for example, I originally had a crush on him, but, he didn't notice. So in order to try and bring this to light, I started hanging around him more often. Does he notice, nope. Then I asked Chazz to build an add-on to the Slifer Red dorm and I moved in. Again, he doesn't notice.

He even dueled one of the best tennis players here and he did win, however, the deal was whoever won was to be my fiancé. Then he asked 'So, what does fiancé mean anyway?' That was the straw that broke the camel's back. Ya see where I'm going with this Trevor?"

Me: "*sniffling* Yea, I do. I was merely making comment and nothing more though. So, are we ok now?"

Alexis: *she hugs me and pulls my head onto her left shoulder* Shhh, it's all right Trevor. It's ok, I didn't mean to "scare you", now how about we go back and get some fish, hmm, that sound like a good idea babe?"

Me: "Mmhm, I love you Alexis. And to prove it, I want you to listen to a song I have on my iPod. Luckily I have my speakers as well."

Alexis: "Sure, I'll listen to it."

Me: "YES!! But what she doesn't know is that I have an excellent singing voice and am able to keep on pitch all the time, save for a few songs.

Boston's "Livin' For You"

Livin' without you never could be so wrong
Don't need to say it, I never waited so long
Thinking about you in everything I do
Love is for giving
You know I'm just livin' for you
And I, I never needed to lie
Can't you see I believe in my heart when I'm saying
It's love that you see
You're just the one for me
I'm praying

Maybe I'm dreaming, don't want to wake up now
Baby, I love you, I always knew it somehow
Happened so easy, don't need to think it through
It's not so amazing
Been going so crazy for you

Dreaming and hoping, hoping that dreams come true
You're my religion, girl, I've been living for you
Don't want to fight it, tried everything I know
I won't deny it
You're everywhere I try to go

And I, I never needed to lie
Can't you see I believe in my heart when I'm saying
Its love that you see
You mean the world to me
I'm praying for you

Knew it so easy, don't have to think it through
Love is for giving
I know I'm just livin' for you

Love is for giving
I know I'm just livin' for you


After the song is done, Alexis' eyes well up in tears and she just hugs me and is telling me she loves me and nothing will ever keep us apart.

Just as she begins to regain her composure, Hassleberry shouts, "Hey Trevor, Alexis, y'all gonna cook this fish or what?"

Me: *facepalm* "Crap, we got caught up in all this that we STILL HAVE YET TO EAT!!!! Ah well, at least it's only about 3:30 or so. *chuckle* Shall we head back Alexis?" *I extend my hand to her*

Alexis: *she blushes* "Yes, let's head back."

So we walk back hand in hand and as we're walking Alexis is getting closer to me and I get red in the face. She looks up and giggles but not loud enough for me to hear. When we get back to the "camp site" Hassleberry took the liberty of getting the fish started cooking. Then he saw that Alexis and I were holding hands and that she was leaning on me and looked happy.

Tyranno: "Oh, what have we here?"

Me: "Hmm? Oh you mean Alexis and I, right?"

"Yea, how'd you land her as a girlfriend?"

"BWAH! *stammering* W-w-w-whh-hh-who told you th-th-th-that?!"

Alexis giggled at my reaction. "Trevor, you are just too cute sometimes, you know that? You really are something else, silly."

Me: "Alright Hassleberry, ya got me."

Tyranno: "HA! I knew it. So, how did you land her?"

Me: "Well, to be honest, I'm not really sure myself. Aside from the fact that I'm a romantic guy and people say Chivalry is dead, when I'm doing all I can to make sure it isn't lost forever like Latin, ¬.¬."

By now Alexis was just laughing out loud, what can I say, comedy is all in the timing and how you make facial expressions.

Me: "*sniff sniff* Mmm, I think the fish is just about done. Too bad I don't have a portable spice rack. ¬.¬, ah well, let's eat shall we?"

Alexis: "*wiping tears from her eyes from laughing too hard* Sure I'm starved."

Well, looks like things turned out a-ok between Alexis and myself. *phew* That was a close one. Man, it's gonna be time to head back to the dorms soon. Oh well, at least I have Alexis' cell number and email. Man, wait till the guys hear about this. Hoo hoo, but I can probably tell I'll be facing some heavy opposition from the rest of the male part of the student body population. Best to keep on my toes and have my wits about me.

What's going to happen next? Will Tyranno tell everyone in the Slifer Red dorm about Alexis and myself? I wonder how the teachers are going to take it, I hope not too bad. After all, Crowler respects us Obelisk Blue students. I guess we'll see what happens next time in "Duel Academy -- A Romantic Comedy."


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Love it.

...................I got mixed feelings here. I don't know whether to ban you because you're not a subscriber, or to delete your comment. >_< FYI, I banned you just until I figure out what exactly I should do with you.

I'm soryy this has nothing to do with your post put your banner is one of the funniest I've seen!

That's quite alright, I remember you from the Poozy Sig Parody thread, the Science Crew before it went dead, and a few other threads. I got all the banners shown through adblock. 0-8. Original and inverted. :P :) If you want, I'll add your name to my subscription list and you can read and leave comments.

I was in the mythology crew with you, not the science crew :)

Oh yea, sorry about that. Too many things going on at once. lol.

''I'm am so terribly confused''

Is what I would say if I hadn't been adicted to Yu-Gi-Oh like 3 years ago.

Still confused though.

..................I got mixed feelings here. I don't know whether to ban you because you're not a subscriber, or to delete your comment. >_< FYI, I banned you just until I figure out what exactly I should do with you.