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Posted by SilentCobra - June 30th, 2009

Well picking up where we left off, Alexis has a slight annoyed look on her face because I told that I'd be back ASAP with my tackle box. That occurred around 11:30, I didn't get back to her until 1:30. Let's just hope I can persuade her not to be mad at little ol' me anymore.

Back to the story.

Panting and gasping for air, I desperately explain to Alexis that while on my way back to my room, I ran into Syrus and he was perusing his deck and looked like he was more than a bit dismal.

"Alexis, I'm terribly and genuinely sorry for being so late, I ran into Syrus on my way back to my room. He looked like he was having some trouble, and being the helpful guy I am, I thought I'd see what was wrong. Turns out he was looking through his deck, it's a beast when played right." In the distance, I hear Syrus' voice like a pigeon, but a little less guttural. "WAIT UP!!!"

"Oh here you go Syrus. Sorry about that." *I hand him his deck, and I get the feeling that Alexis is not exactly pleased with me right now."

(Oh, wait, I think I still have it on my person.) *I had found my iPod in my pocket, and good thing it was charged and had the perfect song coming up.* It's Guns N' Roses' "Patience" Then I also remembered I also have some iPod speakers with me too. Luckily I had an entire arsenal of ballads at my disposal.

If that didn't work, I'll tell her I got caught up with Syrus and I was trying to help him as best I could, but being that I'm not real familiar with Machine types, but when it comes to thinking strategically, I'm pretty damn good at it.

Alexis: "Trevor," she said with some annoyance in her voice, "why do you have Syrus' deck?"

"Hehehe, well when I was on my way back to my room, I ran into Syrus, and it looked like he needed some help, so I thought I'd offer what little bit of advice I could. Granted I may not favor Machine types, but I can think strategically when I need to do so. And I guess I got caught up in helping him, I overlooked the time and then when I realized what time it was, I bolted for my room and bolted right back." I said with an embarrassed sheepish voice. "Please don't be mad at me. I promised you I'd teach you how to fish and even though it's 1:45 give or take, I will not break that promise. I also promised you some lunch, and I won't break that either. Not only that, we can have some romantic music while we're eating, if it were playing while we're fishing, they'd never bite."

Syrus having heard all of this, figured I was trying to make my move and just happy to have his deck back, he whispered to me "Good luck Trevor, I'll let the two of you alone. From what I could tell by the way you were acting, you're really serious about her, you, my friend have an eye for the finer things in life." He went on his way and as he receded into the forested distance, he yelled back "LATER GUYS!"

Yes!!! Now Alexis and I are all alone, by the river and no one to bother us. I couldn't help but stare at her, she's just an absolute vision of heavenly, angelic beauty. That golden hair, which flowed far superior to that of Aphrodite. I sigh contentedly and begin to fantasize about how my life would be with her at my side. Speaking of her being at my side, I think I have just the song.

Just she glanced over at me, the annoyance washed away from her voice, but in place, her eyes looked at me with amazement and wanting. I hadn't noticed until I heard her stifle a giggle.

"What's so funny Alexis?"

She turned away, her face flushed with something more than wanting friendship. As I looked at her, I felt my own face get red with love and anticipation. I managed to regain my composure and had asked in a somewhat broken kind of way "S-so, Alexis, h-h-how about I t-t-teach y-y-you how t-t-to fish?"

She found my stuttering to be cute and amusing, but she was unaware of the afternoon I had planned. For this type of angelic beauty, you must spring things on her, surprise her with romance. Why tell her and spoil the fun?

"Sure, I'd like that, and anything else you might think I need to know." She had said in a distinct playful voice, again, I stared at her ravishing heavenly looks. I thought to myself, (God, she is so gorgeous, heavenly, and that voice is just absolutely purer than that of anything I have ever heard. Not to mention those really seductive curves of hers) *I turn an intense shade of crimson at the thought of that I just might get to sit next to her and be that close to someone so damn hot.* ***SIDE NOTE***: I'm a guy, so sue me! >_> As I was taking my duel disk off and laying it near me so as not to get stolen, I figured I might as well take of my jacket and hang it on a limb.

Then out of nowhere, Alexis asks me a question she had already asked me, though worded differently, but this time, with what sounded like longing and love in her voice, "Trevor, do you find me to be the prettiest girl around?"

I manage to keep from getting flustered, though in the end I get a little flushed. "Alexis?"

"Yes?" She said with what sounded like a wanton lust but wasn't sure if she could follow through, "How about we talk about that over lunch, I don't really think clearly on an empty stomach." I could feel her eying my tall, lean, structured, fit, muscular form. To be honest, I felt a bit embarrassed yet...like I was home. She agrees with me and said that we'd talk over lunch.

So she asked me, "What's the most important thing in fishing?"

Now that I have been able to regain my composure, "Patience for one, not to mention the occasional sticking oneself with hooks and/or lures. Along with getting your line caught in a tree. You know, now that I think about it, maybe we should move farther from the trees. Then again, I don't have surf rods so we really can't go surf fishing. Ah the hell with it, we'll fish here. Hey Alexis?"

Alexis: "Yes?"

"I also have some bug spray, I've used it every time I've gone fishing, and it works great. Shall I spray you? I know the smell isn't too appealing to us, but it's better than coming home covered in tick bites, mosquito bites, red bugs, chiggers, etc. Trust me, I should know. I'm like a friggin' buffet to those little bloodsucking varmints."

She mulls the thought of me spraying her and I saw her face get red as a freshly bloomed rose. I could tell she liked the idea of me being that close to her, I didn't hate the idea either. In fact, I rather relished the idea of being that close to someone of which is a magnificently heavenly beauty. Not mention, really, really hot.

So I got the OFF! out of my tackle box and asked her again if she wanted me to spray her, "So, shall I spray you, Alexis?" She replied "Sure, why not." Though her face was still a bit red, as was mine. So I walked over to her and thought while we're setting up, why not ask if she's involved with anyone?


Alexis: "Hmm?"

"You're not by any chance involved with anyone, are you?" I asked as I walked over to her.

I could see her face turn red just a little but she stayed calm enough to hold her own during this conversation. "Well, not at the moment, why do you ask Trevor?" I could detect a small hint of anticipation in her voice and I just thought to myself, (YES!! If I keep playing the cool guy, romance cards, I'm a shoo in!!!) Though I could hear my own thoughts clear as a bell, I semi-stammered and came back with "W-w-ell, it's just I've always been shy around girls. I've never had a girlfriend. I've had friends who just happen to be female. That and I barely know anyone here. So if you're interested...please?"

Alexis: "Well, you seem to be a genuinely nice guy, you don't let your wins go to your head, you definitely know when to put down your deck, unlike Jaden. He's always talking about dueling. I mean I love it as much as the next person, but I'm not always in a mood to duel. Save for a few words, you certainly know how to treat a lady. So, sure. What harm could there be?"


Alexis: "Sure. Why not babe?" She winked at me and then blew me a kiss. OH HAPPY FUCKING DAY!!! I honestly didn't think it'd be that easy, but what can I say, I'm a romantic at heart. ****AUTHOR'S NOTE: Just because I've gotten this far in 7 chapters, doesn't mean I'm gonna stop writing. I'm really having fun writing this.****

Now after I've finished spraying her with the OFF!, I takeout my pocket knife and fashion a fishing rod from a sturdy twig to use myself, while I let Alexis use my fishing rod. It's only fair that she get the fishing rod itself. As I began to tie some fishing line to my little twig, Alexis looked at my fishing rod with something of a quizzical look. When I saw this, I asked her "Something the matter Alexis?" She replied, "Um, what exactly do I do to get the bait.." I interjected her "Lure, that is a lure. There's a difference. Just a little note. Bait is usually either worms, chicken liver which is used for catfish, and the worms attract most any type of fish. When you're surf fishing, you're gonna want to use chum, which is basically fish guts and blood."

Alexis thought that to be a bit more than stomach churning, but she held steady. "Sorry for the interruption, just letting you know the terminology." "That's alright Trevor. So, how do I cast this?" I was amazed she knew that getting the line in the water is casting. "Well you see that button on the reel there?" "This ball-looking thing?" "Yes, you see that button?" "Yes, do I hold it?" "Wow you catch on quick Alexis, I'm impressed. Anyway, when you're ready to cast your line, you take it behind your head while holding the button and then at the height of the cast, you release while still throwing your arm forward. Think you got that?"

"Well, it sounds too complicated, but I suppose I can give it a shot. What'll you be using?" "Oh, me? Why do you think I made a pole from a twig? *I chuckle* Anyway, I've got extra fishing line so I'm covered. I also have extra swivels so I can go with hook and bait or lure fishing. Personally, I prefer lure fishing. That way, I don't have to worry about sticking myself on a hook while goring a worm." When she heard the last part she gave me a bit of a disgusted "blech" look. I found that to be somewhat amusing. I chuckled to myself, but not so loud as to let her overhear.

"So Alexis, ready to go fishing now?"

Alexis: "Sure, I'm starved."

"Cool, if we catch anything, I'll be sure to scale it, clean it, and cook it. Nothing like grilled fish over an open flame."

Alexis: "Sounds delicious, where'd you learn all this stuff anyway?"

"It helps to have grown up in the country. Back home I lived in a log cabin with my folks and my older brother. The house was 1000 ft back in the woods from the road. We also have a total of like 6 acres of land. So I know how to take care of myself if I ever get lost in the woods. That and my dad took my brother and I fishing a lot when we were kids. You might even call me a renaissance man."

Alexis: "Wow...I'm not sure what to say to that, except, you seem to get cooler as the seconds go by."

Well, well, well. Now that we're finally fishing, it seems that Alexis has fallen for me even more so than earlier. I think this is gonna be on hell of an awesome year. Let's see how the fishing trip goes in the next installment of "Duel Academy -- A Romantic Comedy."



here is me without my jacket


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Haha, there are rub-on kinds of insect repellent, too, ya know...perhaps yon protagonist should invest in getting some of that, heheh.

Well now, I hadn't thought of that. We're both perverts, aren't we? rofl. I also thought I'd take a few tidbits here and there from your writing style. Hope you don't mind. I also snagged a couple excellent lines from your stories.

"Always the damn ribs," Slash muttered. "Ribs broken by electricity, ribs bruised by dipshits, ribs broken again by Golbats and Poochyena. Fucking ribs."

An instant hilarious classic.

"Temptation. Dear gods, temptation."

Another instant classic.

Well Alexis and I have an entire island to walk around. Why invest in rub-on insect repellent then wipe my hands so I can grip my makeshift fishing pole when I can invest in some sun lotion? *I can't wait for the beach chapter. It's gonna be fucking awesome!!!* Feel free to comment on the rest of the story.

This chapter is great! Glad to see that she isn't TOO mad at you. I think you should start including some of our user names into your stories. That would be pretty funny.

Nice story so far!

Well, I may think about that. Who knows, we'll see what happens. But really, I've been trying to get some more ideas from reading Sinners, Slash's fanfic. He is an excellent writer. Much like Idiot-Finder. http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/

In few hours the sun will rise.

Is that referring to your stories? If so, I keep track pretty well. So please try and stay on topic.

Who wears short shorts!?

Keep it to the story or you'll get my b&hammer. I'm fucking serious.

You wear Short Shorts!

Strike 2. Next time, you'll get banned. I mean it dude.

You're supposed to start a new paragraph everytime someone talks, it's really hard to follow. I gave up reading it because it was annoying.
From what I read, it's alright though..

You haven't even subscribed so you ain't even allowed to read my story. Besides this is chapter 7, I'll bet you haven't read chapters 1-6 yet have you? No I didn't think so.

Also, B&!

I wear short shorts!

Oh god, not you too. I was hoping you'd be among the mature users who don't spam other's userpages. *sigh* Alright, same deal you get 3 strikes. You now have 1. If you do this shit again, you're B&. Sorry, but I have a DISCLAIMER on my 32nd post.


What does Nyeh mean?

You need to chillax with the whole Banned thing. I mean some on dude, Spaghetti14 was only offering you some advice, I mean jeez! And 3 strikes and your out? WTF dude, just delete there fucking comments no need in banning them just for having a laugh. Besides you brought this on yourself.

At 7/9/09 11:31 PM, SlntCobra1 wrote:
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You were kind of asking for it there weren't you?


Well I do have a disclaimer on my 32nd post. As long as you don't spam me, you're fine, if you're not subscribed and make a negative comment, that also gets you a ban. Sorry, but that's how I roll.

What happened to some of your posts? They dropped like celebrities from the past week.

I've been working on chapter 8 in Microsoft Word 2007 recently. I want to try and make each chapter roughly 5 pages in length. And I've gotten only 3 pages written, though I'm at a "sweet spot" I've been having an irritating case of writer's block. But don't worry, I'll get it out within a couple weeks. Also, thanks for the somber compliment. Nice to know you enjoy it.

And you thought I was bad lol

Point taken.

Wow...only 7 chapters and she's 2 steps from putting out...awesome. If only girls put out this easy in real life...

Well, I'm a romantic kind of guy, girls like her fall for guys like me quite easily, but that doesn't excuse us romantics from making sure the girls are happy. It's kind of a trade-off. Falling easily in love in turn we get the high maintenance girls. Like I said, it's a trade-off.