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Fishing Lesson, Part I

Posted by SilentCobra - June 27th, 2009

Picking up where we left off, Alexis does not know how to fish and I'm going to be teaching her how. This should be quite interesting as well as fun. Let's just see how big of a lunker I can angle on this island.

Back to the story.

"I accidentally forgot to get my tackle box at my room, can you wait here while I go get it?"

Alexis: "Sure Trevor, I'll just be editing my deck or something."

"Cool, I'll be back ASAP." This was at about 11:30

So I make my way back to my room when I run into Syrus. He's looking through his deck with a somewhat concerned look on his face. Being the nice guy I am, I come up to and ask what's bothering him, let's see what he says, shall we?

"Yo, Sy, what's up dude?"

Syrus: "Oh, I'm just wondering if I have what it takes to be here. All my life I've always had a problem with being confident in my abilities. Would you look through my deck and offer any advice you think I might need?"

"Sure, why not. Let's see what you got. Even though Alexis already told me you run a Vehicroid deck, that didn't really tell me much, it helps to see it in person."

Syrus: "She told you huh? What else has she told you?" He said with an implied *wink, wink, nudge, nudge, jab, jab.* My face turns about as red as the Slifer jacket he's wearing and being the smart guy he is, he knows something's up.

Syrus: "Come on, spill it."

*I look away and try to act nonchalant but to no avail.* "I have absolutely no idea what on earth you're talking about Syrus."

Syrus: "Come on Trevor, I may not be a confident duelist like everyone else, but I'm pretty smart and quick witted. Ya can't fool me for a second. Spill it!"

"Alright, but you have to swear not to tell anyone, got it?"

Syrus: "Yea, not a word."

"Good, anyway, she hasn't really told me anything yet , per se. But I do have a strong feeling that....oh crap, I need to go get my tackle box and get back to her, we're fishing and I'm gonna teach her! LATER SYRUS!!" *Then I take off like a bullet and make a bee line for my room, I get there and I find my tackle box and my fishing rod and a pocket knife. Then I make a mad dash for the river where Alexis is still waiting.* And this is at around 1:30pm. I AM IN DEEP SHIT IF I DON'T GET BACK ASAP.

"God, WTF WAS I THINKING?! She's not the type to keep waiting, man, I hope she's not too pissed at me." That's when I realize I still have Syrus' deck, I stuck it in my pocket when I took off running. Oh damn, I blame my anxiety for this.

So I'm already halfway back to the fishing hole when I hear Syrus' voice, "WAIT!" I yell back, "Sy, just follow me, I know what happened. So just follow me, ok dude?" He replies, "Alright."

So I make it back to the fishing hole and out of breath, yet again, and Alexis looks up, she has a slight annoyed look on her face. I look up and meet her eyes, and I realize I might be in trouble. Man oh man, talk about an awesome first day, right? I just hope she understands.

I guess we'll have to see how this situation plays out in the next installment of "Duel Academy -- A Romantic-Comedy."


Comments (3)

Oops. Looks like your in trouble with the lady! I likes where this is going!

Good read. Keep it up.

Don't worry, I'll figure a way out of this mess. I'll romance my way out. She won't be able to resist. Not mention a guitar is one the most romantic instruments around.

Lol pwnt.

Yea, we'll see. I'll get outta this mess yet. You forgot, I'm a romantic at heart. Not to mention, handsome. There's no way she'll stay mad at me. I got just the song repertoire that she'll have forgive me.

Interesting chapter...Finally I get some chapters that I can really understand, since I really don't play this game at all. Something tells me she's gonna give a damn, though... :-)

Yea, she goes for the non-thickheaded guys like me. Jaden's always got his head in his cards. At least I know when to put down the duel disk and put down my deck to pay attention to others.