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Love Interest

Posted by SilentCobra - June 24th, 2009

Picking up where we left off, Alexis had just asked me if I found her really attractive. Naturally I did, but she caught me off guard. To be honest, I was taken aback at this question. Annoyingly enough my face turned ruby red, and I had no idea what to tell her. Let's hope this saga doesn't end too fast, otherwise, there'd be no point in continuing.

Back to the story.

*I stammer helplessly until I can regain my composure* "Uh, *sheepish chuckle* why do you ask?"

Alexis: "Well, no reason really. Just forget it. May I see your deck?"

"O.....k. Sure you can see my deck. Just be careful." *I hand my deck over to her*

Alexis: "Why wouldn't I be careful? It's disrespectful to mishandle someone's cards." *she looks through my deck* "Wow, I am stunned at how powerful this deck is, and I didn't even see the more powerful cards in it when we dueled. Very well constructed."

"Shucks, you're making me blush, thanks Alexis. You ready to continue with the tour?"

Alexis: *she hands my deck back to me* "Oh, thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot about that."

"Eh, we're only human, we all make mistakes."

Alexis: "True, anyway, you wanna get your guitar since we're at your dorm?"

"Oh, DUH! I knew there was another reason we came this way first, *smacks self in forehead* I'll be right back."

Alexis: "Ok, I'll be right here."

So in I go to the dorm and get my guitar, I still have it in my case, so it will be easy to carry around. I look out the window and what do I see, Alexis looking up. Not necessarily in my direction, but she sees me and turns away.

"Alright, I'm back and I have my guitar. Shall we get on with the tour?"

Alexis: "Can I see it first?"

"Hmm, maybe once we get to a better location." *Please let us go underneath the bridge and by the ocean.*

Alexis: "Alright, anyway, let's drop by the girls dorm, just so you know where it is."

"Sounds good to me."

So we make our way to the girls dorm and when we get there Alexis proceeds to explain to me that the guys aren't allowed and I understand why.

Alexis: "Alright, that does it for the girls dorm part of the tour."

*my stomach growls* "Oops, I guess it's lunch time."

*grrowl* "Was that your stomach Alexis?" I say in a playful tone of voice.

Alexis: *she blushes* "Umm, no. Alright, yes. It is lunch time, you got any ideas?"

"Actually I do, since we're not far from the river, why don't we get some fish?"

Alexis: "Well, I don't see what the harm could be."

"Cool, do you know how to fish?"

Alexis: "Uh, not really."

"Well then, would you mind if I taught you how?"

Alexis: "No, I'd be delighted."

Well this tour just keeps getting longer and longer. I wonder how she'll do, too bad I forgot my tackle box back at the guys dorm. Man, I wish I'd picked that up had I known we'd be in the forest around lunch time. Maybe if I ask her if we can swing back to the guys dorm so I can pick up my tackle box, she'd agree. Who knows, no harm in asking right? Looks like I'm gonna be teaching her how to fish in the next installment of "Duel Academy -- A Romantic-Comedy."


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I thought I already told you I have a guitar. Didn't I?

This is just getting more exiting by the minute. I like the way you are heading with this, I'm sorry if my other comment on the other chapter was a little to harsh, I was in what you call a "tired mood."

Still though, I just have to see what happens next, and what time will unfold for them! 0.o

Hey, we'll see. I hope to get the next chapter out later today. I was having a bit of writer's block late last night and was trying not to write myself into a corner and not be able to get back out. I really want to continue writing my stories and I don't want to write myself into a fucking corner from which there is no escape.

Haha, deck.
Also, nice geetar.

Mines way old school, it's a grampa's guitar

Oy, lmao. Oh well, thanks for the compliment. I hope to get chapter 6 out sometime later this evening.

What kind of guitar is it? Acoustic? How well can you play?