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The Tour

Posted by SilentCobra - June 23rd, 2009

Picking up where we left off, I had just finished my duel with Alexis and she was going to give me the grand tour of Duel Academy. She and I both agreed that it was a wonderful day to waste inside. The others were in tow, but I wanted to talk to them as a group off to the side, the conversation went a little something like this.

"Uh, guys, could I talk to y'all in private for a few?"

Jaden, Bastion, Zane, Syrus, and Chazz: "Sure. What's up?"

"Would y'all mind if this tour were just Alexis and I? I mean, you've seen the way I act when I'm around her, and I think we can all agree that you don't blame me for acting as such, right?"

Others: "Right."

Jaden: "Wait a minute, why do you not want the rest of us, bro?"

"Mainly because I just want to talk to her in private, just her and myself. Can't a guy want to hang around a woman without his motives being questioned?"

Chazz: "No way! If you're going, so is The Chazz."

Bastion: "Calm down Chazz, Trevor is asking us nicely for some one-on-one time with Alexis. What harm could there be?"

"See, Bastion's got the idea. Thanks."

Bastion: "Not a problem."

Others: "Alright, as long as there's no ulterior motive. Fine."

"Thanks guys."

Now, back to the story.

"Oh Alexis, lets get on with the tour. From what I've seen thus far, the campus looks awesome."

Alexis: "Ok then, let's start with the dorms nearest to the school. That ok with you?"

"Sure." *I hold the main door open for her.* "After you."

Alexis: "Oh, well, thank you very much Trevor."

"Hey, I do what I can, and they say chivalry along with common courtesy is dead. Ha, what a laugh."

Alexis: *chuckles* "Good one. You've got a good sense of humor."

"Comedy is all in the timing."

Alright, now we're heading to the Obelisk Blue guys dorm, along the way, I bring up the subject of music.

"Hey Alexis?"

Alexis: "Yes?"

"What kinds of music do you like?"

Alexis: "Hmm, well, I'd have to say soft rock, some hard rock, ballads, you know, songs along those lines. Why do you ask?"

"Well, it's just that I just so happen to have brought my guitar with me. When I'm not studying, editing my deck, or playing games, I like to play it."

Alexis: "Hmm, sounds interesting, would you mind showing it to me?"

"Of course, since we're almost to the guys dorm, I'll drop by my room and get it. For a little fun, care to race the rest of the way? " ^_^

Alexis: "Why not? I'll see you at the dorms." *her laughter fades into the distance*

"Not if I get there first!" *I bolt after her and I soon catch up*

Alexis: "Say, you're fast, where'd you grow up?"

"I grew up in the country, so I pretty much know how to step around uneven ground, where to step, it's like second nature to me. Look there's the guys dorm, who's gonna win?"

Alexis: "Not you, that's for sure." <:P

"Oh yea, we'll see about that!"

Ultimately the race ends in a tie. And now we're both out of breath, but we're laughing. Things are looking up. Just then I hear a rustling in the bushes. Here I am breathless and thinking "You're kidding me? They followed?! Not cool guys, not cool."

*Jaden, Chazz, and Syrus emerge from the brush.*

"I thought I asked you not to follow. Care to *gasps for air* explain why you did anyway?"

Jaden: "I was heading back to the Slifer Dorm when I heard some laughing in this direction, so I thought I'd check it out."

Syrus: "I tried to tell him let's just go back to the dorm, he wouldn't listen." *he turns to Jaden* "Man you're stubborn, you know that?"

*Jaden looks at Sy* Jaden: "Your point being?"

Syrus: *sighs*

Chazz: "The Chazz doesn't need to explain himself to any of you. I'm outta here, later."

Jaden: *laughs* "Alright, see ya back at the dorm Chazz. Alright, I guess Sy and I will get out of here. Later."

Alexis: "Bye Jaden."

*under my breath* "Good riddance"

Alexis: "Hm, you say something Trevor?"

"Huh, oh I just said bye, I'm still a little winded from racing with you." *I laugh a bit*

Alexis: "Oh, can I ask you something Trevor?"

"Go right ahead."

Alexis: "Do you find me really attractive?"

Well, well, well, looks like I'm doing something right. Where might she be going with this I wonder? You'll have to wait for the next installment of "Duel Academy -- A Romantic-Comedy" to find out.


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im sorry to inform you that you have uncurable newgrounds aids


You're one to fucking talk. You're the dumb ass cock fucking piece of shit who's spreading it around in the first place. Way to genius. You've just fucking killed yourself. YOU FAIL AT LIFE!! Go slit your wrists and jump off a cliff into a searing vat of oil, lava, and tar mixed together and see how you like it.

Hmm, seems a bit strange. I mean to be honest it looks like you have just jumped straight in with it all. Its good what you have written, but don't you think with her going straight to the point....

Anyway, who am I to criticize. Its a good chapter! Look forward to the next one.

Well I can't control what she says. I am a romantic guy after all. That and I am a really likable guy right from the get-go. In case you forgot, I did give her some extraordinary compliments. So let's just see where the 5th installment takes me, eh?