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Getting Around

Posted by SilentCobra - June 21st, 2009

Picking up where I left off, I had just told Alexis that I've always kind of thought of myself as a romantic kind of guy. Back to the story.

Alexis: "Really now?"

"Yea, *chuckles* sorry if I came on too strong."

Alexis: "No need to apologize Trevor. In fact that was rather nice of you to compliment me like that."

*enter Jaden Yuki and Chazz arguing over who knows what*

"Hey Alexis, who're they?"

Alexis: "Hm? Oh those two? That's Jaden and Chazz. They're rivals and are always at each other's necks."

"Are they now? What kinds of decks do they run, most often that is."

Alexis: "Jaden prefers Elemental Heroes and Neo Spacians while Chazz used to run a Chthonian deck. Then he went to an Ojama/VWXYZ deck. Now he's dropped the VWXYZ set in place for an Armed Dragon/Ojama deck. That sum it up for you?"

" That's perfect. Thanks Alexis. What kind of deck do you run?"

Alexis: "Oh me, why spoil the fun, when we could duel now?"

"R-r-r-really? Wow, first day I'm here and I'm already dueling whom I'm guessing is the most beautiful girl around."

Jaden: "Did someone say duel?"

Chazz: "Shut up Jaden."

Alexis: "Oh hey guys, meet the newest Obelisk Blue student, Trevor."


Jaden: "The name's Jaden, Jaden Yuki."

Chazz: "And I'm Chazz Princeton, otherwise known as The Chazz."

"o_0, you must be joking. Who talks in the 3rd person? It sounds a little weird if you ask me. But, that's your prerogative."

Alexis: "Good point Trevor."

Jaden: "Who cares? I wanna see a duel!"

Alexis: "Well you heard the guy. Let's duel!"

"You sure you want to duel me? I'm pretty powerful to say the least."

Alexis: "Oh, confident are we?"

"You might say that."

Alexis: "Well then Trevor, let's see if you can back that up."

"Alright, fine with me."

Alexis uses a Cyber girl deck which consists of the following:

Monsters --> 10

Monster breakdown: 1 normal monster; 6 effect monsters; 3 ritual monsters

Blade Skater
Cyber Tutu
Cyber Gymnast
Etoile Cyber
Cyber Prima
Cyber Petite Angel
Cyber Angel Benten
Cyber Angel Dakini

Cyber Angel Idaten

Spells --> 20

Spell breakdown: 5 quick play spells; 5 equip spells; 5 normal spells; 2 field spells; 3 ritual spells

Allegro Toile
Angel Wing
Fulfillment of the Contract
Fusion Gate
Fusion Recovery
Fusion Weapon
Machine Angel Ritual
-- 3
Mystical Space Typhoon

Pot Of Greed
Prima Light

Raregold Armor
Ritual Sanctuary
Ritual Weapon
Rod Of Silence - Kay'est
The Warrior Returning Alive

Traps --> 8

Trap breakdown: 4 normal traps; 3 counter traps; 1 continuous trap

A Rival Appears!
Angel Blast
Doble Passe
Hallowed Life Barrier
Pure Pupil

Synthetic Seraphim
Spell Shield Type-8

Fusions --> 2

Fusion breakdown: 2 warriors

Cyber Blader

I had my own duel disk and I think it looks pretty bad ass. Whereas Alexis had one trimmed in blue, an upgraded one that is.

So I followed her to the Duel Arena with my deck and duel disk in hand. Jaden and Chazz in tow when all of a sudden I hear three other people walking down the corridor.

*enter Syrus Truesdale, Zane Truesdale, and Bastion Misawa*

"Eh? Who're those three?"

Alexis: "Oh them? That's Syrus, Zane's little brother, Zane, and Bastion."

"Their decks?"

Alexis: "Syrus runs a Vehicroid deck. Zane runs a Cyber Dragon deck, and Bastion, he never has the same deck. Though his most common one has Oxygeddons and Hydrogeddons in it. You might say he's a scientific duelist. Very calculating that one. Cunning as well."

"Really? Well I'm a science nut myself. I've always enjoyed the subject, yet here I am a Dragon Duelist. *chuckles* Two totally different subjects. Kinda funny when you think about it."

Alexis: "Yea it is." *giggles*

"Hey Alexis?"

Alexis: "Hm, what is it Trevor?"

"Well I was wondering, after the duel, would you mind showing me around?"

Alexis: "Sure, it's a nice day out and why waste it inside all day?"

"Nice, thank you very much."

Alexis: "You're quite welcome. Now then, let's duel!"


Comments (5)

lol they should forget the decks and duel in the old fashion way-two Colt revolvers, ten paces, turn around, and Duel! That's an angel blast, right?

lol, I guess, but this is more civilized. That and this is a romantic-comedy. I find no reason to hurt someone.

It's better than what they used to do thousands of years ago, back then people used to kill each other with magical powers.

Ain't that the truth? The third installment is the duel between Alexis and myself. I should have it done later today.

Damn. Does anyone else feel nostalgic about reading this?
Christ, I wish the two of em would just get onto the old Duel platforms and settle it.
Then, winner gets star chips.

Those things?! Good grief, you know how much room those occupy? Why do you think Kaiba invented the Duel disk? DUH!

Wow, this looks good SC, I hope they end up going all romantic! Have you ever considered turning this story into a sex....Never mind.


Looks good though. Keep it up buddy!

Good god, you're a mind reader!! GTFO OUTTA MY HEAD!! lmao. We'll see what happens. >_0

Maybe it would help if I knew something about all this card crap, but I have no idea what you're talking about... lol

Well wiki it all. It's a really simple game once you get the hang of it. That and it's really fun.