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Cars and Insurance -- Part 3

Posted by SilentCobra - June 1st, 2009

I've been meaning to get this on here for the last 5 weeks. It happened on 4/24/09 on my way to work, I was sure this guy wanted to make a right turn off of NC 86 onto Mt. Sinai, and I was a stop sign but apparently I was wrong, and next thing I know, WHAM! I hit him and my front end of my former '95 Pontiac Grand Prix SE is shaved right off my car. As if that wasn't bad enough, the headlights, the AC, tachometer, speedometer, trip gauge, turn signals, and the horn were all shot. The lights and signals more specifically were destroyed.

And to top it all off, the highway patrolman found me at fault. In addition, it would've cost roughly $1500 to get a new front end for my Pontiac, the Chevy Lumina out in Raleigh, NC was a bust, the front ends were not compatible, damn you GM. My court date is next Wednesday. If any good comes from this it's that my last two accidents have been expunged from my record and I have no points on my license. So hopefully I'll get off on Driving School again this time. I'll be damned if the Chapel Hill, NC DA recognizes me. The second time I went to driving school, the instructor recognized me, that was embarrassing as hell, if she recognizes me again, I have no clue what the fuck I'll do.

*big sigh*

I miss my Pontiac a lot. So much for at least getting to drive it to school for the summer semester, but at least my insurance rates won't go up until 9/28/09. Speaking of insurance, my 3 years of high rates reset the 24th of April. Originally my rates would've gone back down on 2/25/2011, but now they'll go down on 4/24/2012.

I now have a car again, I've had it for about a week, it's a '93 Saturn LS1, with roughly 183,000 miles on it, the previous owner did tons of highway driving. It's a 4 cylinder unfortunately, that's what really gets me. It's a 4 door sedan without power locks, power windows, power mirrors. The exterior is silver and the interior is gray. The windshield has a few cracks but it doesn't hamper my vision. I paid $800 for it, god, I just wish I hadn't had, had that accident.


This is just the road on which we learn when we start driving more and more. I'd post a picture of the Saturn, but I couldn't find one that is close enough on google.

Comments (2)

Yeah. Whoever hits someone from behind is always in the wrong.
Sucks, but it's traffic law.
I wish you well, if I could wire you money for a new pair of wheels I would.

Thanks. I got a '93 Saturn LS1 right as May was coming to a close if you will. $800 is what it cost me. Now I'm wanting to get my hands on a tablet or a digital camera. I'm leaning toward the tablet. There's one at a Best Buy near me for a total of $74.71 +/- a few cents. The tag says $69.99. Sadly, I had to pay for traffic school. Oh well, I've gotten out of three tickets via traffic school. THE SYSTEM FAILS AGAIN!!! (In my favor of course).

people like me make you sick? you make me sick. sick of looking at the crap people like you submit, thinking anyone is going to appreciate garbage. self righteous asshole, go fuck yourself.

Hey, like I said, it's a damn tribute. Get the fuck over it. At least I've submitted stuff, to all three portals. Whereas you have just submitted to the audio portal. So just zip it. >_< Slit your wrists and jump off a cliff into a burning field of oil.