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On my way

Posted by SilentCobra - April 8th, 2009

Well, I figured it was high time for me to start mixing some audio with Adobe CS4 Sound Booth and I'm pleasantly surprised that I find it easier than trying to do something right out of FLASH on my own. I'm probably going to be using the audio portal and the Art portal once it is launched(I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!!!). So far, my mixing skills are sub-par, but as I go along, I'm sure I cam do something that will be an excellent song to use for those who want to use the audio portal for their FLASHES.

I figured out that I had better not try anything like trying to equalize the volumes/clean up the audio/things of that sort, until I am more comfortable with the program. Until such time has passed that I have deemed appropriate, I'm going to be downloading some scores from the score tab in Adobe Sound Booth and just tweaking the scores and seeing if I can get them thrown into the Audio portal.

Wish me luck everyone.

Comments (4)

Good luck.

Thanks, I submitted something already and it is awaiting approval. *LOATHES WAITING WITH MUCH INTENSITY* >_<

I don't think you can just tweak a publicly available score a bit and submit it. The Audio mods will ban you (I hear WAY too many complaints about it when I browse Wi/Ht)... But it's good practice until you can make a good mp3 from scratch.

Anyways, you're waiting for the Art Portal? Personally I'm more psyched about the Literature Portal than anything, since I can actually write, even though I can't draw or make music. Maybe THEN I'll get a chance to be an artist of some sort, and contribute instead of sitting around B/Ping and BBSing all day.

Well I altered it quite a bit. Also, I got Adobe Illustrator, and I am damn good in that, though the people in the art BBS aren't exactly nice. Fucking Trolls. >_<

luck has been wished

Thanks man, I'm still waiting on my approval to my audio. Takes friggin' forever!! >_>

Don't mind that Simon troll, he's doing it to everyone.

Eh, I respond to all, and those who spam me, I ban their asses and mouth off at 'em. ^_^