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Crap/fake/liar portal submissions

Posted by SilentCobra - October 1st, 2008

This is the actual PM I just sent Tom Fulp a few seconds ago.

Hello again Tom,

Are you aware of all the stupid crap submissions that the Flash Portal has seen the last few days or so? Like one was called "Ultimate Sakura Hentai" I blew my whistle on this because of the disturbing message at the end, another is "Sweet Filthy HENTAI Fuck" it is just a mess of colors that just piss
off people. The next one I reviewed is " Fuck You Suk My Tit!!!!!!" all it has is "K?". And everyone is like wtf? This is not a flash. Another one I reviewed is "Tails and his GBA Four" this is just a mock on Furries (ugh) it is just rainbow colored animals one with a huge dick and then humping another animal. These have NOTHING to do WITH THE TITLES OF THESE FLASHES!!! >_<

Here is one I reviewed 4 days ago "Ultimate Hentai Quiz". This is not a hentai quiz at all. It is not even worthy of being called a quiz. It is just retarded and not in a good funny way.

Can you PLEASE look into this major clogging of the Flash Portal and try to do something about it? so others who actually have something of WORTH can get their submissions into the portal. All this is, is just abuse of the portal and is unfair to those who work hard on their flash. I mean these submissions have actually gotten to STAY.

To me, that is an INSULT!! I mean, that is unfair to those who worked like months and even years on their flash. These authors obviously have flash skill, they're just being dumb about it. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

Thank you so very much.

Comments (2)

i hear ya.. fucking flash fags.. the Kitty crew sucks to! or should i say the Shitty crew

thank you, hey, could you do me a favor, copy and paste my post to your blog and forward it to all the users who view your blog?

I hear u man

care to copy and paste this to your blog and then mass forward it to all the people who have viewed your blog?