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Haha, there are rub-on kinds of insect repellent, too, ya know...perhaps yon protagonist should invest in getting some of that, heheh.

Well now, I hadn't thought of that. We're both perverts, aren't we? rofl. I also thought I'd take a few tidbits here and there from your writing style. Hope you don't mind. I also snagged a couple excellent lines from your stories.

"Always the damn ribs," Slash muttered. "Ribs broken by electricity, ribs bruised by dipshits, ribs broken again by Golbats and Poochyena. Fucking ribs."

An instant hilarious classic.

"Temptation. Dear gods, temptation."

Another instant classic.

Well Alexis and I have an entire island to walk around. Why invest in rub-on insect repellent then wipe my hands so I can grip my makeshift fishing pole when I can invest in some sun lotion? *I can't wait for the beach chapter. It's gonna be fucking awesome!!!* Feel free to comment on the rest of the story.

This chapter is great! Glad to see that she isn't TOO mad at you. I think you should start including some of our user names into your stories. That would be pretty funny.

Nice story so far!

Well, I may think about that. Who knows, we'll see what happens. But really, I've been trying to get some more ideas from reading Sinners, Slash's fanfic. He is an excellent writer. Much like Idiot-Finder. http://anime.adultfanfiction.net/

In few hours the sun will rise.

Is that referring to your stories? If so, I keep track pretty well. So please try and stay on topic.

Who wears short shorts!?

Keep it to the story or you'll get my b&hammer. I'm fucking serious.

You wear Short Shorts!

Strike 2. Next time, you'll get banned. I mean it dude.

You're supposed to start a new paragraph everytime someone talks, it's really hard to follow. I gave up reading it because it was annoying.
From what I read, it's alright though..

You haven't even subscribed so you ain't even allowed to read my story. Besides this is chapter 7, I'll bet you haven't read chapters 1-6 yet have you? No I didn't think so.

Also, B&!

I wear short shorts!

Oh god, not you too. I was hoping you'd be among the mature users who don't spam other's userpages. *sigh* Alright, same deal you get 3 strikes. You now have 1. If you do this shit again, you're B&. Sorry, but I have a DISCLAIMER on my 32nd post.


What does Nyeh mean?

You need to chillax with the whole Banned thing. I mean some on dude, Spaghetti14 was only offering you some advice, I mean jeez! And 3 strikes and your out? WTF dude, just delete there fucking comments no need in banning them just for having a laugh. Besides you brought this on yourself.

At 7/9/09 11:31 PM, SlntCobra1 wrote:
: Yea, you do, you'll get one of three strikes. 3 strikes and you face the wrath of my B&HAMMNER!

You were kind of asking for it there weren't you?


Well I do have a disclaimer on my 32nd post. As long as you don't spam me, you're fine, if you're not subscribed and make a negative comment, that also gets you a ban. Sorry, but that's how I roll.

What happened to some of your posts? They dropped like celebrities from the past week.

I've been working on chapter 8 in Microsoft Word 2007 recently. I want to try and make each chapter roughly 5 pages in length. And I've gotten only 3 pages written, though I'm at a "sweet spot" I've been having an irritating case of writer's block. But don't worry, I'll get it out within a couple weeks. Also, thanks for the somber compliment. Nice to know you enjoy it.

And you thought I was bad lol

Point taken.

Wow...only 7 chapters and she's 2 steps from putting out...awesome. If only girls put out this easy in real life...

Well, I'm a romantic kind of guy, girls like her fall for guys like me quite easily, but that doesn't excuse us romantics from making sure the girls are happy. It's kind of a trade-off. Falling easily in love in turn we get the high maintenance girls. Like I said, it's a trade-off.